Sky-Hive Drakes

Caelumtectum Serpens — Sky-Hive Drake

Sky-Hive Drake

Standing nearly thirty feet at the shoulder, these exoskeletoned flying creatures resemble giant insects. They get their name, however, due to an elongated neck and the shape of the head.

While they have been proven to require hydrogen for both propulsion and sustenance, their requirement to breathe is questionable, as they can remain in a vacuum seemingly indefinitely.

A territorial creature living in colonies around gas giants and other planets with high hydrogen content. Their unique physiology allows them to travel through the vacuum of space by expending stored hydrogen in special air sacs along it’s tail and within it’s wings.

The gas stored in it’s wings is also used offensively by expelling a jet of hydrogen then rubbing needle-sharp flint-like claws together at the tips of each wing creating either a small explosion or a sustained flame depending on the situation.

Sky-Hive Drakes

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