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Shameful Travelers

Our Traveller Characters are complete.
We are a shameful bunch of misfits. Or at least two of us are.
Mike’s playing a disgraced navy pilot that has since redeemed himself and been promoted to significant rank in the Star Marines. But he carries a criminal past, and spent several years as a leg breaker. If it were not for the Fleet’s need for pilots and people willing to risk their lives in unknown space, he would still be trying to work off the shame.

My character is no better. A thief that got a lucky break and joined the Scout service, at the end of a dozen years of loyal service, he was responsible for the deaths of several explorers and drummed out of the scout service without delay. Not only that but the Fleet commander that oversees the Scout Service and it’s operatives hates him. Not dislikes him, not can’t stand him, hates him. With a capital H.

Dustin us playing a fellow that started his career in the Navy, ended up a scavenger, and brings little more to the crew than a ship’s boat, an air raft, and unanswered questions. Same with Anthony. His character is a medic. But the fellow falls along the autistic spectrum at some point. He refuses to be addressed directly and has to be brought into conversations at odd moments and through weird transitions in order to keep him from shutting down and walking away. That will be really helpful the first time we need a shipboard medic in an emergency. By the time we get around to figuring out how to talk to this individual, someone could have bled to death.

Either way, our first excursion into unknown space, we saved the entire fleet from slow, agonizing death, riots, and kept 80,000 people from turning on each other like animals in the cold void of space. After the battle the fleet barely survived with the Drakes months ago, it has been drifting through space, consuming resources with no way to replenish them.

Our characters were allowed to volunteer to explore one of the nearest star systems in the hope of finding something that could ease the strain on the fleet’s supplies. We did. The system we surveyed was a lucky break for us. The outermost planet was devoid of resources, but it’s atmosphere will allow the smaller military and civilian ships to use their fuel scoops. That will be important because just a few AU from that planet, is a fairly large asteroid belt that is composed of mineral rich space rocks, and ice. That means that the fleet can fire up it’s manufacturing ships to start making repairs from all the damage it took in the action against the Drakes. It also means that the smaller ships can harvest the ice, returning it to the City Ship, keeping it from going dry while it limps towards the system.

With a water supply, the fleet can keep it’s agricultural ship going, do a little less water rationing, and generally step away from the edge of the madness that it has been slowly creeping towards as desperation set in over how fucked it was.

Yep, now our characters are heroes.
Should only take us a few sessions to mess that up.



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