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Chapter One

From Not-so-Humble Beginnings

note: at the time of writing this, I do not have the PC names so I will refer to the characters by their player’s name.

The fleet has been limping along in the void between systems for months. Finally, long range sensors picked up the signature of a blue star and five planets.

Mike took the lead right away by approaching the Naval Command and convincing them to requisition a Javelin to survey the planets in the hope of finding water and fuel.

Arriving at the outer-most planet, they were relieved to find it had an atmosphere, however thin it might have been, and elated to find its hydrogen content sufficient to refuel smaller ships from.

Moving on, they crossed a thin asteroid belt, discovering a number of smaller water ice chunks in the cluster. Having met such good fortune, they sent one of their two provided communications beacons back to the city-ship informing the fleet of their impending salvation.

From there, they continued on to the forth planet in the system, where they discovered nothing of value. Currently, the unnamed Javelin is in orbit around the dead rock.



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