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Nine fleets built, six fleets launched, one fleet lost.

Part One can be found here.

It is the year 2062. Ten months ago, six colonization fleets were sent out in pairs from the United Earth Defense Force’s (commonly referred to as the UED for short) dark-side Luna base. Their missions were identical: to travel twenty light-years away from Earth, scout the unknown regions of space and establish new civilizations to preserve humanity in the event of global invasion.

Five months ago, two sister fleets, Voyager Five and Voyager Six, made contact with an astral race of monstrous dragon-like insects known as Sky-Hive Drakes. These viscous space-fairing creatures are fiercely territorial and make their lairs in the upper atmosphere of gas giants. Unfortunately, the fleets require the rich hydrogen found in such locations to refuel, leading to massive stellar battles.

These skirmishes raged at nearly every refueling stop beyond the Black, a term the EUD uses to refer to the twenty light-year perimeter around Earth that our benefactor alien allies, the Aesh, provided our governments. Ultimately, four months ago, Fleet Five engaged a hive they were unable to overcome, taking heavy casualties and losing key vessels of the fleet in the process. Fearing the end of their adventures, emergency beacons were launched in all directions asking for backup… none came.

In desperation, the fleet executed an emergency jump to withdraw from the drakes. Their jump drive was damaged in the fighting, however, and the fleet emerged much farther away than they expected, with no fuel for the return trip and more extensive damage to the jump drive than they were capable of repairing without Aesh assistance. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

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