Fleet Trader

Designed decades ago in the hopes of interstellar commerce, the first Fleet Trader was not actually constructed until the formation of the colonization fleets. Updated with minor functionality enhancements such as an additional air lock, expanded nitrogen tanks and a warp-drive, the new Fleet Trader boasts some of the UED’s best technology with a reasonable price tag.

The warp drive is a recent innovation. While jump drives are safer and more reliable, the 100% human designed warp drive, sometimes referred to as a fold drive, has the major advantage of being able to drop out of warp at will, as well as the ability to extend it’s range by consuming additional fuel. This latter feature eats into life support reserves, so is used sparingly and only in emergencies.

Fleet Traders were redesigned with a second air lock so that it could provide piggy-back warp jumps for two smaller ships, each of which weighing no more than 100 tons. When used in this way, the Fleet Trader’s warp rating does not decrease, but additional fuel equal to one week of operation is consumed per Warp-2 jump. Shorter jumps use up negligible additional fuel.

The colonization fleet will often requisition cargo space or take advantage of the air lock piggy-back maneuver to send along a pair of Dart class fighters, or a single Javelin class escort ship when sending Traders out on scouting missions.

Tons Price
Hull 200 tons Self-Sealing, Streamlined Hull 2, Structure 2 9,200,000
Armour Titanium 2 points 10 100,000
Warp Drive B Warp-2 15 20,000,000
Manoeuvre Drive A Thrust 1 2 4,000,000
Power Plant B 7 16,000,000
Bridge 10 500,000
Computer Model 1/bis Rating 5 (10 for Warp Control) 45,000
Electronics Standard Sensors DM -4
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Double Turret (empty) 1 500,000
Fuel 87 tons Two Warp–2 and four weeks of operation 87
Cargo 40 tons 40
Staterooms 6 24 3,000,000
Low Berths 4 2 200,000
Fuel Scoop
2 Fuel Processors 2 100,000
Ship’s Locker
Software Jump Control/1 100,000
Total Tonnage and Cost 200 tons 53,745,000 cr.
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 4,478 cr.
Life Support Cost (monthly) 12,000 cr.

Fleet Trader

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